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Re: Preventing stack overflows with alloca.

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: Preventing stack overflows with alloca.
Date: 18 Jun 2004 14:02:00 +0200
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Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:

> > But there are other risky uses of alloca, so I suggest the
> > patch below which takes care of the problems in fns.c.
> Oops, I have completely forgotten about this problem.
> Actually I noticed it last year and sent the attached mail,
> but haven't worked on it any further.  I remember Richard
> agreed with having the macro SAFE_ALLOCA.  Of course we need
> the pairing SAFE_FREE which frees `address' and calls
> unbind_to if necessary.

Actually, now that you mention it, I remember your mail.

I think your approach is ok, but we can make it a bit
more generic with the following approach:

/* Define this in alloc.c */

safe_alloca_unwind (arg)
     Lisp_Object arg;
  xfree ((void *)arg);
  return Qnil;

/* Add this to lisp.h */

extern Lisp_Object safe_alloca_unwind (Lisp_Object *);

#define USE_SAFE_ALLOCA                                 \
  int sa_count = SPECPDL_INDEX ()

#define SAFE_ALLOCA(buf, size)                          \
  do {                                                  \
    if (size < MAX_ALLOCA)                              \
      buf = alloca (size);                              \
    else                                                \
      record_unwind_protect (safe_alloca_unwind,        \
              (Lisp_Object)(buf = xmalloc (size)));     \
  } while (0)

#define SAFE_FREE(size)                                 \
  do {                                                  \
    if (size >= MAX_ALLOCA)                             \
      unbind_to (sa_count, Qnil);                       \
  } while (0)

Of course, if a function already uses unwind protect,
it doesn't need USE_SAFE_ALLOCA and SAFE_FREE.

Since old_value is not a lisp object here,
we would need to fix (hack) GC like this:

  for (bind = specpdl; bind != specpdl_ptr; bind++)
      mark_object (bind->symbol);
      if (bind->func != safe_alloca_unwind)
        mark_object (bind->old_value);

A sample use would look like this:

string_make_multibyte (string)
     Lisp_Object string;
  unsigned char *buf;
  int nbytes;
  Lisp_Object ret;

  if (STRING_MULTIBYTE (string))
    return string;

  nbytes = count_size_as_multibyte (SDATA (string),
                                    SCHARS (string));
  /* If all the chars are ASCII, they won't need any more bytes
     once converted.  In that case, we can return STRING itself.  */
  if (nbytes == SBYTES (string))
    return string;

  SAFE_ALLOCA (buf, nbytes);

  copy_text (SDATA (string), buf, SBYTES (string),
             0, 1);

  ret = make_multibyte_string (buf, SCHARS (string), nbytes);

  SAFE_FREE (nbytes);

  return ret;

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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