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Re: Search nodes in Emacs manual

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Search nodes in Emacs manual
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 23:19:45 -0400

        Global search-and-replace operations are not needed often in Emacs, but
        they are available.  In addition to the simple `M-x replace-string'
        command which is like that found in most editors, there is a `M-x
        query-replace' command which finds each occurrence of the pattern and
        asks you whether to replace it.

    Why search-and-replace is not needed often in Emacs?

In some editors, these commands are the main way to make changes.
In Emacs, you make most changes directly.

These changes are good, except:

    ! in the minibuffer, where you can edit it.  To edit the current search
    ! string in the minibuffer without replacing it with items from the
    ! search ring you can type @kbd{M-e}.

...search ring, type @kbd{M-e}.

    ! (@code{isearch-forward-regexp}), by invoking @kbd{C-s} with a
    ! prefix argument (whose value does not matter), or by typing @kbd{M-r}
    ! within an incremental search invoked by @kbd{C-s}.

...within a forward incremental search.

    ! or @kbd{M-r} within an incremental search invoked by @kbd{C-r}.

...within a backward incremental search.

    !   Global search-and-replace operations are sometimes needed in Emacs.

That statement is does not really tell the user anything.  So it makes
no sense to include this text.  Either leave the old text, or write
new text that makes more sense.

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