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Re: C-h C-i

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: C-h C-i
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 15:18:20 -0400

      When you see everyone spinning out into "what
    color to paint the bikeshed" discussions, it is a sign that nothing
    more compelling has presented itself to occupy them.

The main area that needs work, for a new release, is to update the
manual.  If you don't know of something else to work on, how about
looking in etc/NEWS for some items not yet updated in the manual, and
updating them?

Another important area for further work is to test the mbox-format
Rmail branch, so that we can install it.  I want that to be installed
before the release.

Does anyone know of any other areas that need work?  We were
discussing how to record this information, but what really matters is
the substance of the information.  I will create a file
etc/FOR-RELEASE, and start it off as below.  Would people please post
other items of work they believe is needed?

** Test the mbox branch of Rmail.

** Install the mbox branch of Rmail.

** Finish updating the Emacs Lisp manual.

** Finish checking the Emacs Lisp manual.

** Update the Emacs Manual.

** Check the Emacs Lisp manual.

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