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Re: bug/patch: python.el python-beginning-of-statement

From: Karl Chen
Subject: Re: bug/patch: python.el python-beginning-of-statement
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 01:33:42 -0700
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>>>>> "rms" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
    rms> Does this version of the function work right?  (Defun
    rms> python-beginning-of-statement ()

No, but if you change (throw 'foo) to (throw 'foo nil) it works.

(defun python-beginning-of-statement ()
  "Go to start of current statement.
Accounts for continuation lines, multi-line strings, and multi-line bracketed
  (catch 'foo
    (while (python-continuation-line-p)
      (if (python-backslash-continuation-line-p)
          (while (python-backslash-continuation-line-p)
            (forward-line -1))
        ;; Skip forward out of nested brackets.
        (condition-case ()              ; beware invalid syntax
            (progn (backward-up-list (syntax-ppss-depth (syntax-ppss))) t)
          (error (throw 'foo nil))))))

Is there a rule against using block/return?  It seems better to
use lexically-scoped blocks than dynamically-scoped blocks.

Karl 2004-06-28 01:30

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