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Re: address@hidden: [bug] python-mode, jit-lock, syntax-pss during file

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: address@hidden: [bug] python-mode, jit-lock, syntax-pss during file load]
Date: 28 Jun 2004 21:09:05 -0400
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> [I sent this message a week ago but did not get a response.]
> Would you please look at this?

I was away.

> (syntax-ppss) doesn't work correctly at file load when
> font-lock-support-mode is 'jit-lock-mode.

And in a few other situations as well, indeed.
It's not specific to syntax-ppss but to using jit-lock-mode (as well as
other support modes which delay the actual fontification, tho nowadays
I expect only jit-lock is relevant).

A "proper" answer is to have syntax-ppss call
font-lock-fontify-syntacitc-keywords if applicable (but since this in turn
might call syntax-ppss, we shoul do it carefully).

My own take on it was mentioned a few weeks ago: move the
font-lock-syntactic-keyword stuff to syntax.el (but not just by
moving code: redesign the functionality from scratch).


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