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Re: isearch-query-replace-regexp and stuff

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: isearch-query-replace-regexp and stuff
Date: 02 Jul 2004 09:44:25 -0400
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> The other thing that might make sense is to just define M-% and use it
> to start regexp replacements in regexp searches, and non-regexp
> replaced in normal isearch.  It might be confusing.  OTOH, the C-s
> binding during searches already has this sort of split personality.

Indeed such a M-% binding is what I've used for the last two years and I've
been pretty happy with it.  But I also find M-C-% to be too hard to type, so
I've rebound it to C-u M-%.

The other difference with the current code is that my isearch-query-replace
function does not exit isearch, so after the query-replace is done you're
back in isearch mode.  But this part of the behavior was a bad idea:
it doesn't hurt but it's useless.


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