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Re: Changes to emacs/lisp/progmodes/grep.el

From: Daniel Pfeiffer
Subject: Re: Changes to emacs/lisp/progmodes/grep.el
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 13:35:05 +0200


Juri Linkov <address@hidden> skribis:

> Please look at
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2004-06/msg00970.html
> Is it ok for you?

Fringe-arrow is a nice idea, since this is used in the compilation buffer as
well.  But I would like this in addition, not alternatively to overlay.

The new face is misnamed not only because of the "error" part, but also
because of the "next".  It results from going to next-*, but by the time the
user sees it, it's the current one.  As for me, I don't use C-x ` much,
instead scrolling through the buffer and clicking mouse-2.  So it's "this"
error for me and not next.

As for "error", "hits" etc. I had considered radically extracting almost all
of compile into a new auto-hypertext-mode.  I dropped that idea when someone
arbitrarily pulled alittle bit of compile out to simple.  But I'm not sure all
these aliases or renaming the base mechanism helps much.

What I find is that while I'm working on one project the phone rings about the
other one.  Then I see a message in it's compilation buffer, and figure I need
to grep for something.  But I had this other grep content I don't want to
lose, since I wasn't finished with it.  How can C-x ` keep track of all this,
when I can't? My colleagues are always joking that I try to set up a
do-what-I-mean interface :-)  Alas things are nowhere near perfect yet.

> > As for tmm, what shall we do?  I feel that treating hits with column
> > information and without the same way, assuming first to last column in the
> > latter case is "clean".  With an overlay it doesn't hurt at all.
> >
> > If we then however make it an option between overlay or tmm, that would
> > mean you'd get tmm for every compiler output line.  Would you find this
> > annoying?
> To be able to jump to the end of the region it is enough to simply set
> the mark at the other end, but activating the region for no reason is
> too annoying for users of transient-mark-mode since they should
> deactivate the mark by typing `C-g' after every match visit in the
> source buffer.
> So what is needed is to replace (push-mark end-mk nil t) with
> (push-mark end-mk) and use highlighted overlay in all cases.

I'm fine with this and let Stef decide.

coralament / best Grötens / liebe Grüße / best regards / elkorajn salutojn
Daniel Pfeiffer

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