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From: Stefan
Subject: query-replace-interactive
Date: 03 Jul 2004 18:59:37 -0400
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Is the added complexity of (eq query-replace-interactive 'initial) really
worth it ?
For one, it has an unusual behavior (the Emacs way would be not
to put it as INITIAL but as DEFAULT and to place it in the prompt as
"Replace (default foo): ").
For two, it's only used for isearch-query-replace and in my experience this
additional prompt is just an annoyance: if I hit M-% in isearch I really
want to replace the currently matched text.

So I suggest we back out this introduction of an `initial' value of
query-replace-interactive.  I also incidentally suggest that
isearch-query-replace don't do (call-interactively 'query-replace) but
use (perform-replace isearch-string nil t isearch-regexp isearch-word)

If really someone is in isearch and wants to do a query-replace on
something else than what he's currently searching, he can do RET M-%.

After all, we already agreed that M-% in isearch should obey the


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