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Viper face support on ttys? (Re: viper-color-defined-p)

From: Lőrentey Károly
Subject: Viper face support on ttys? (Re: viper-color-defined-p)
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 00:50:22 +0200
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Sorry for the long response time!

IRIE Tetsuya <address@hidden> writes:
> I have problem if using viper.
> 1. emacs -q -nw
> 2. M-x server-start
> 3. M-x viper-mode
> 4. emacsclient -d :0.0&
> 5. some action on X frame (e.g. C-xC-f, M-x foo...)
> 6. viper-save-cursor-color: Symbol's function definition is void: 
> viper-color-defined-p

The error appeared because Viper thinks that Emacs still does not have
support for faces on tty devices.  I committed the following patch as
patch-214, but I think it should also be included in CVS. (The bug is
not triggered in CVS, but the patch enables face support there, too.)

*** orig/lisp/emulation/viper-init.el
--- mod/lisp/emulation/viper-init.el
*** 97,103 ****
  (defun viper-has-face-support-p ()
    (cond ((viper-window-display-p))
!       (viper-emacs-p (memq (viper-device-type) '(pc)))
        (viper-xemacs-p (memq (viper-device-type) '(tty pc)))))
--- 97,103 ----
  (defun viper-has-face-support-p ()
    (cond ((viper-window-display-p))
!       (viper-emacs-p (memq (viper-device-type) '(nil pc)))
        (viper-xemacs-p (memq (viper-device-type) '(tty pc)))))
2004-07-11  Károly Lőrentey  <address@hidden>

        * lisp/emulation/viper-init.el (viper-has-face-support-p):
          Acknowledge that Emacs has face support on ttys.


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