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Re: Emacs routinely gets stuck in single_kboard mode

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs routinely gets stuck in single_kboard mode
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 19:23:37 -0400

    > A recursive edit or debug session must set single_kboard,
    > because the environment of the recursive edit or debug session
    > would otherwise be imposed on all the other terminals.

    I see, but if there are multiple frames, then that recursive
    environment is imposed on them, and AFAICS in that case this only
    results in some small inconveniences that are easy to work around.

Sorry, I don't follow what you're saying here.
The other terminals won't see the buffer that the recursive
edit or debug session is in, and there is potential
for a lot of confusion.

        emacs -q --eval '(setq enable-recursive-minibuffers t)'
            C-x 5 2
            <First frame> C-x C-f
            <Second frame> M-x
                    (Note that the cursor in the first frame returns to
                     the *scratch* buffer's window)
            <Second frame> C-g

    At this point, the C-x C-f prompt is still there in the minibuffer,

In which frame?

    but the minibuffer window is active in neither frame.

Exiting the minibuffer ought to erase it wherever it is.
But this does not exit the C-x C-f minibuffer.  I can go to
the frame where it appears, type C-x o, enter a file name,
and visit the file.

However, things are screwed up in some other way after that.
I find the minibuffer being displayed in both frames at once.

Would someone like to debug this?

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