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From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: ECB
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 19:24:20 -0400

    But IMO it would make sense to offer both ECB and speedbar so a user can
    deside for himself which interface he likes more...

I agree it would be good to offer the user both interfaces.
One way to do that is by having both ECB and Speedbar in Emacs.
But that is not the clean way to do it.

Could you implement speedbar-like behavior as an option in ECB?  If
that is easy to do, it would be a big simplification.  We would not
have to maintain both (all of) Speedbar and ECB.  The parts of
Speedbar that ECB needs, we could integrate into ECB.

    ECB has currently a quite powerful layout-engine which allows an user
    to create its own window-layout interactively and on the other hand offers a
    programming-API to program/create completely new special windows (to display
    whatever you want) and synchronize it with the editing-area of ECB.

That sounds quite interesting.

Do you think that this feature should be integrated into Emacs at the
C level?

    - Required packages: either CEDET or the standalone libs eieio, semantic and
      speedbar (the need of the latter one is discussed above)

Is it accurate to describe CEDET as a packaging of eieio, semantic,
and speedbar?  If not, could you clear up my misunderstanding?
Does CEDET contain other things aside from eieio, semantic, and speedbar?

If we want to put eieio and semantic into Emacs, I think we would be
better off without having them packaged in the form of CEDET.  Emacs
has its own system of makefiles, and to get clean results, we would
want to handle eieio and semantic like all the rest of the Lisp code
in Emacs.

    Conclusion: If the Emacs-team wants to integrate ECB into Emacs i would be 
    to hear this and it goes withourt saying that i will help and support as 
    as possible.

I think we do want to integrate it.  This may need multiple steps.

Can you tell me how many lines of code are in ECB, in eieio, and in semantic?

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