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Re: M-x compile should tell its status (a little bit better)..

From: Stephan Stahl
Subject: Re: M-x compile should tell its status (a little bit better)..
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 11:38:25 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi David.

David Kastrup said:

> That's what I mean.  cc-mode _will_ probably add this to the front of
> minor-mode-alist, but other modes add to the list afterwards.  One
> could reshuffle the list at strategic times, but frankly, it might be
> easier just to fiddle with mode-name itself.

Yes you are right. CC-mode does add to the front of minor-mode-alist as do
the others.. at a later time. Thats why the order is not "right" for me.

I have a idea but i'm not sure how stupid it is :)

Currently mode-line-modes is something like this (simplified)

It could be changed to

c-toggle-auto-state, c-toggle-hungry-state are really just helper modes
that are useless as single minor modes (outside the cc-mode context). I
suppose that same goes for the lighters you want to add to AUCTeX. All
those modes would than add to helper-modes and not to minor-mode-alist.

The variable helper-modes would then (more or less) be under the control
of the current major mode which will make it easy to keep it "right".

Just a idea..

Stephan Stahl

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