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Re: void variable

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: void variable
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:21:58 -0500 (CDT)

Richard Stallman wrote:

   The manual should direct people to autoload variables used by
   autoloaded functions, if programs might want to bind them.

It is not just the variables _used_ by the autoloaded function.  In
the concrete bug, `dired-rename-file' does not use
`dired-backup-overwrite', at least not directly.

So whenever a file contains any autoloaded function, one should
autoload _all_ variables in the file that any program might
conceivably ever want to bind.  Just about any file nowadays contains
some autoloaded function and just about any variable that is not
strictly internal or defined with `defconst' could conceivably be
bound by another program.

After taking a brief look at some sample files, it would seem that
`loaddefs' might get very big.



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