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Re: Gnus update

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: Gnus update
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 08:37:14 -0700

Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> I think the best thing might be to have neither, but rather do two-way
> merging very frequently.

Is one of the Gnus maintainers an Emacs committer also? Perhaps the MH-E
model can be applied to Gnus.

Before each MH-E release, I run the import-emacs script (attached, but
specific to MH-E so read, understand, and modify accordingly before
using) which imports the current Emacs MH-E sources into the Emacs
branch in the MH-E CVS repository and then merges the changes into the
mainline (after I double-check them). I then release MH-E and then run
the install-emacs Makefile target which installs the MH-E files into
Emacs which are subsequently checked in.

Now, if I could create a single MH-E package that could be used by both
XEmacs and GNU Emacs, that would be ideal ;-).

Attachment: import-emacs
Description: import-emacs

>From the MH-E Makefile:

# Install the source into the Emacs source.
        cp $(MH-E-ETC) $(EMACS_HOME)/etc
        cp $(MH-E-SRC) $(MH-E-OTHERS) $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/mh-e
        cp $(MH-E-IMG) $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/toolbar
        cp $(MH-E-IMG2) $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/mail

# View the CVS logs for the Emacs versions (to see if they have been modified).
        (cd $(EMACS_HOME)/etc; cvs log $(MH-E-ETC))
        (cd $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/mail; cvs log $(MH-E-SRC) $(MH-E-OTHERS))
        (cd $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/toolbar; cvs log $(MH-E-IMG))
        (cd $(EMACS_HOME)/lisp/mail; cvs log $(MH-E-IMG2))

# Import Emacs changes.

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