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Re: [BUG] widget-field-overlay becomes wrong

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [BUG] widget-field-overlay becomes wrong
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 00:22:27 -0400

Thanks for writing this.  Now I can polish it up.

    ! @strong{Warning:} In an @code{editable-field} widget, the editable
    ! field is not allowed to be adjacent to another widget, there must be
    ! some text in between.

"Is not allowed to be" is not just passive, it is contorted.

                             This text must be part of the
    ! @code{editable-field} widget itself or inserted with
    ! @code{widget-insert}.

A single "be" is used for a passive verb and in another way.
That's not just passive, but confusing too.

Here's how I would write it more readably:

    @strong{Warning:} In an @code{editable-field} widget, the editable
    field must not be adjacent to another widget---that won't work.
    You must put some text in between.  Either make this text part of
    the @code{editable-field} widget itself, or insert it with
    The @code{:format} keyword is useful for generating the necessary
    text; for instance, if you give it a value of @code{"Name: %v "},
    the @samp{Name: } part will provide the necessary separating text
    before the field and the trailing space will provide the
    separating text after the field.  If you don't include the
    @code{:size} keyword, the field will extend to the end of the
    line, and the terminating newline will provide separation after.

I split the paragraph for readability too.  Long paragraphs are
hard to read.

Could somene please install the change, with this modification?

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