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Re: bug in frame-width

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: bug in frame-width
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:12:53 -0500 (CDT)

Stefan Monnier wrote:

   When the user asks to change the fringe, she does not request a
   change in the window's size, so frame-width should change so that
   the window's pixel size stays constant, not the other way around.

When the user asks to change a parameter and does not ask to change
any other parameters, the other parameters should stay constant.  That
is logical, expected and as documented.  To keep the width parameter
constant, the size of the X window has to change.  If this would be
considered bad behavior, then the meaning of the width parameter
should be changed to refer to the size of the X window.  The same
holds for the height parameter.

Currently, `width' refers to the number of text columns, `height'
includes the tool bar but not the menu bar.  Any changes in current
situation, even those we agree on it, seem to have to wait until after
the 21.4 release.  In the current situation, changing the fringe width
should keep the number of text columns constant.

I personally do not believe that it is _just_ "in the current
situation".  In as far as the width is concerned I believe that it
_should_ refer to actual text columns.  If the number of columns
changes from the 80 I am used to, even to to 79 or 81, I get a very
hard time with manual filling.  As a consequence Emacs becomes
difficult to use.  If it happens without me necessarily being aware of
it, things are worse.

In as far as `height' is concerned, we all seem to agree that the
current behavior makes no sense.  Either _both_ menu and tool bar
should be included or _none_.   For reasons I explained earlier, I
personally would prefer both, but Richard seems to believe it should
be none.  Either way, it seems that we have to live with the current
situation until after 21.4 is released.

To me, deleting or adding widgets, font changes and the like should
keep the number of text columns constant (and thus, change the X
window width).  I personally would prefer them to keep the X window
height fixed (and change the number of text lines).  This is not
inconsistent, because there is no symmetry between the number of text
columns (should be 80, more is _not_ better) and the number of text
lines (no fixed "logical" number and more _is_ better).  If I
understand correctly, Richard believes that _both_ number of text
lines and number of text columns should take precedence over X window



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