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Re: bug in frame-width

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: bug in frame-width
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:58:58 +0200

When the user asks to change a parameter and does not ask to change
any other parameters, the other parameters should stay constant.  That
is logical, expected and as documented.  To keep the width parameter
constant, the size of the X window has to change.  If this would be
considered bad behavior, then the meaning of the width parameter
should be changed to refer to the size of the X window.  The same
holds for the height parameter.

I agree with this view.  Keeping columns constant is important to me

Currently, `width' refers to the number of text columns, `height'
includes the tool bar but not the menu bar.  Any changes in current
situation, even those we agree on it, seem to have to wait until after
the 21.4 release.  In the current situation, changing the fringe width
should keep the number of text columns constant.

It is more inconsistent than that.  The GTK version does not count the
tool bar, because this is a GTK native tool bar and may not be an integral
number of text lines (actually this makes the GTK version do the wrong
thing when geometry is specified, it is on my TODO list).

My view is that width and height should refer to available text area,
exclusive of fringe, scroll bar, menu bar and tool bar.

        Jan D.

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