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Re: Rebinding international characters

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Rebinding international characters
Date: 17 Aug 2004 15:53:56 -0400
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> I think (C-1), (F-1), (F-2), (G-2), (H-1), (H-2) are not
> good.  (C-1) should be 2289, (F-1) (H-1) should be 241,
> (F-2) (G-2) (H-2) should be [241].

I think that the --unicode mode is a dead-end (it made sense when it was
introduced, but in my mind it's always been a temporary workaround for cases
which the multibyte mode doesn't support correctly yet; nowadays multibyte
mode behaves sufficiently well that --unibyte mode should be strongly
Thus I think that neither F-1, G-1, F-2, G-2, or H-2 are wrong (maybe
they're not right either, but we shouldn't waste any time on them).

I agree that C-1 should be fixed, but that implies doing the translation at
a lower level than we currently do.  It gets us back to the previous
discussion of the relationship betwen function-key-map and
key-translation-map and that we should have a key-translation-map-like step
before function-key-map.

Also we should be careful that applications like xterm-mouse-mode which want
to read keyboard input events as binary (even if the rest of the events are
normally treated as latin-1 or utf-8) can still do that properly.
It shouldn't be a source of problems, but it's still worth remembering.


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