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Re: Why does where-is-internal return nil?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Why does where-is-internal return nil?
Date: 20 Aug 2004 18:18:10 -0400
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>> Somehow, on the second call, `where-is-internal' is returning nil. It
>> doesn't happen if I pass `global-map' to KEYMAP instead of nil, but that
>> means that, on the second call, `where-is-internal' is looking... where?

> The problem appears to be in current-active-maps, it returns a list that
> includes ielm-map even though it is not active anymore.

What makes you think it's not active any more?
ielm-mode-hook is run in the ielm buffer with the ielm-map very
active indeed.  The first time around, the binding is found
in global-map, whereas the second time around the global binding is hidden
by ielm-map's nil binding.


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