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Re: undo in compilation mode

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: undo in compilation mode
Date: 23 Aug 2004 22:08:06 -0400
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>     By the way, I think undo support in compilation mode (for text
>     output by 'compile' at least) is usually superfluous as well, and
>     in fact even a little confusing

> If people want to play with trying to turn that off, we could see what the
> results are like.  Would it be sufficient just to turn off undo in
> those buffers?

I think turning off undo in "write-mostly" buffers doesn't make much sense:
the undo log takes very little space in such a case anyway (it only tracks
the boundaries of each insertion).

I think the OP's problem has more to do with writability than with the
undo facility.  Many people expect the *compile* buffer to be read-only.


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