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RE: Emacs Installer for MS Windows

From: Berndl, Klaus
Subject: RE: Emacs Installer for MS Windows
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 09:04:43 +0200

>> A) "c:\program files\emacs\bin\emacs.exe
>> B) "c:\program files\emacs-21.3\bin\emacs.exe
>> C) "c:\program files\emacs\emacs\bin\emacs.exe
>> D) "c:\program files\emacs\emacs-21.3\bin\emacs.exe
>> Which one would you prefer? What about using "c:\program files"?

>Folder names with spaces are always a nightmare in scripts. Can we avoid
>this and try to install
>directly under "C:/GNU/emacs" or "C:/GNU/emacs-21.3 ".
>IMO, many users using GNU Emacs use lot of other GNU software, having a
>top level GNU folder might help proper grouping of related tools.

Definitely not... i would really recommend using "program files" because this 
is THE place where windows-programs are installled for most of the users... at 
least this should be the default place your installer should recommend because 
if a user wants it at different place he is able to change this, isn't he? At 
least i hope so, because any installer which doesn't allow where to install the 
stuff is quite useless...


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