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Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:13:12 +0200

Thank you for all answers. I have decided to use "c:\program files" since
this is standard and it seems like this is what most of you prefer. (Though
I kind of like c:\GNU too.)

> So the choice between those depends on how well it deals with upgrades.
> I recommend to keep separate packages separate (and to kep the packages as
> vanilla as possible), so if you put extra packages in

Then I believe the comments above from Stefan are important. At least for me
this kind of thinking use to turn out best in the long run.

> On systems where the current copy of Emacs is not
> necessarily in the path, invocation-directory is the first choice for
> looking for gnuclient.

I believe I write a small command file called emacs.cmd for calling
gnuclientw.exe from the command file instead. This file can be put by the
user in the path. I could try writing the file to some dir in the path but
this might fail without privileges so I leave it to the user to place this
in the path if no one has a better idea.

> I'd recommend site-start.el instead.
> > Default.el is run after .emacs which means I can use customization
> > having to worry about the order in .emacs.
> Putting things in site-start.el makes it behave much more like all the
> of the default Emacs settings: they are already set when the .emacs is
> executed and won't be changed afterwards, so the user can "easily" change
> them if she so wishes.

I tend to disagree here but I may be misunderstanding something. As I have
seen it the order of execution is

1) site-start.el
2) .emacs
3) default.el

Emacs customization (i. e. custom-set-variables and custom-set-faces) are
run in .emacs normally. This mean I can use the the customization if I load
things from default.el. I can't do that from site-start.el. Or?

- Lennart

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