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Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs Installer for MS Windows
Date: 24 Aug 2004 15:58:25 -0400
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> Ok, I believe we think the same way.  What I want to do is just add some
> things to make it more easy to get started using Emacs for an ms windows
> user:

> 1) Gnuserv is loaded

> 2) Some windows specific printing entries to the menus since printing
> otherwise tends to be a problem when you start with Emacs on ms windows. I
> also remove the unix-related printing entries from the menus because they do
> not work or do not work as you expect them to. Of course I make this as
> customization options.

> 3) I also offer some keyboard tweaks (CUA-mode, swbuff.el tighed to C-tab)
> that can be good for an ms windows user. It is of course also in this case
> very important that they are customization options.

> 4) recentf.el are also added, most ms windows programs has something like
> this.

> If no one has a good objection I will load things from default.el then.
> I will do this by loading one file only from default.el to not clutter
> default.el.

[ I think changes to the default should be done in Emacs proper rather than
  in packages of Emacs.  So I basically disagree with all those changes
  since they are not intrinsically bound to your package.  I might agree to
  changing some of those defaults, but I think we should clearly separate
  the packaging from the user-preferences.  I.e. keep things as vanilla as
  possible. ]

- If printing doesn't work right out of the box, it should be fixed directly
  in Emacs.  Fixing it in your package is a bad solution.
- I don't understand exactly what you mean by "...that they are customization
- Assuming a user disagrees with your choice, how is she to revert
  your changes in her .emacs file?

let's say I start your Emacs and see "gee he turned on CUA-mode, that sucks
for me".  What do I do?  Normally, to turn CUA off, a user should do
(CUA-mode -1) or you use custom.  Your site-start.el or default.el changes
should correctly react to either one of those things.


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