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Re: All platforms fail with Unicode in menus.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: All platforms fail with Unicode in menus.
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:18:40 +0200

+       inhibit_garbage_collection ();
Can someone that knows ENCODE_UTF_8 and garbage collection well
comment on this patch?
I don't know either well, but of course that is not the correct way to
fix it.  The correct way would be to add appropriate GCPRO and UNGCPRO
calls for temporary data structures that should not yet be collected.

On what system is that, and how is it compiled.
The thing is that GCPROs are almost never used nowadays: on most systems we just conservatively scan the stack. So unless his config happens to not do the conservative stack scan (and thus use the GCPROs instead), adding GCPROs
won't do a thing.

I don't know what system David originally used, but I used GNU/Linux on x86,
with gcc 3.4.1.
If the GCPROs don't help, can for example static Lisp_Object:s be the source
of this problem?  Are there any other cases where Lisp_Object:s should
be protected?

        Jan D.

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