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Re: (getenv "TERM") always returns "dumb"

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: (getenv "TERM") always returns "dumb"
Date: 06 Sep 2004 12:09:45 -0400
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>     Right, but *none* of the subprocesses can talk directly to the
>     terminal on which Emacs was started, so every single piece of elisp
>     that starts a process should change the TERM variable.  It seems
>     preferable to change it once and forall, doesn't it?

> It would be more elegant, but the change causes problems.

Yes, as I said in an ealier email, it needs more work (i.e. stash the
original value and make it available through a new function
`terminal-type'), and as long as noone does it, it's better to revert the


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