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Re: Patches to calendar

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Patches to calendar
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 23:20:26 +0100
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(with-calendar-maintainer-hat ... )

Sorry to come late to this discussion.

Emilio Lopes wrote:

> Here are the patches to calendar as discussed with Ed Reingold.
> Besides the new command `calendar-goto-iso-week' 

I don't think it's worth adding a whole new function which duplicates
practically the entire code from calendar-goto-iso-date, just for

Instead, I'm minded to just make calendar-goto-iso-date default to 1
for the day of the week. The UI difference between that and
`calendar-goto-iso-week' would just be a matter of pressing RET once

We could have

(defalias 'calendar-goto-iso-week 'calendar-goto-iso-date)

if people really think it necessary.

> I also unquoted all the lambda forms in the code, as suggested by
> Stefan Monnier.

I'm not going to make that change unless a pressing need is felt to
change every such instance in Emacs; in which case it's the kind of
thing that might as well be done in one fell swoop, IMO.

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