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Re: [rmail-mbox-branch]: expunge

From: Alexander Pohoyda
Subject: Re: [rmail-mbox-branch]: expunge
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 12:40:01 +0200 (CEST)

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> We are a long way from the release--people have to do a lot of work on
> the documentation, and then we need to pretest.  rmail-mbox-branch has
> many bugs today which have not been fixed, but I will fix them soon,
> if no one else does.

I'm actively working on rmail-mbox-branch for one year now.  I had to
fix and redo many functions and the diff was growing too fast.  It's
200 KB (diffs to rmail*) + 20 KB (diffs to mail-utils) + 70 KB (a new
MIME library which is IMHO cleaner than the one we have in Gnus).

What's working already:
 * message sorting (name, date, size, etc.), filtering (based on
 labels), editing (complicated by MIME)
 * header field sorting, filtering, RFC 2047, RFC 2231
 * some text, image, message and multipart MIME handlers
 * simple MIME-compose functions (to be heavily changed soon)

I have some new ideas which I'll be working on.

I would very like to integrate all my changes into Emacs CVS, but it
is by no means complete or even better than the current

If you take my changes as a base, I will find time to fix whatever you
consider broken in my code.  Thank you.

Alexander Pohoyda <address@hidden>
PGP Key fingerprint: 7F C9 CC 5A 75 CD 89 72  15 54 5F 62 20 23 C6 44

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