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Re: SIGPIPE in server

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: SIGPIPE in server
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 15:19:02 -0400
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>     emacsclient -n -d localhost:10 --eval '(make-frame-on-display 
> "localhost:10")'

   emacsclient -n -d locahost:12 -e '(make-frame)'

should work just as well.

> It seems that `process-send-region' gets SIGPIPE because -n(--no-wait)
> option make  the process dead quickly.  The next patch suppresses the
> error with `condition-case'.  Question is what I should do after receiving
> the error.  In the patch, the error is just reported by `message'.
> Is this OK?

I think the error should just be ignored without even a `message'.


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