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Re: vc-version-other-window

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: vc-version-other-window
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 13:25:26 -0400
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>     Known bad interaction between SSH, CVS and libc.
>     The problem is independent from Emacs.
> Do we have an entry in PROBLEMS about this?

No.  I thought PROBLEMS was only for problems related to build/install or to
specific systems.

> Is there a way we could warn the user when this might be happening?

It's pretty difficult to detect when it might happen (it depends on the
CVS_RSH envvar, the CVS/Root file, the version of `cvs' you're using, the
speed of your network relative to the speed of your computer, the libc,

IIUC, CVS people are working on a workaround (supposedly the problem is
that OpenSSH behaves badly, although it's difficult to say it's a bug).

> Detect that it has happened?

Seems even more difficult (and simply impossible in the case of


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