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Re: How to create a derived encoding?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: How to create a derived encoding?
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:23:10 -0400
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>> 1 - assume the raw TeX output with its funny quoted bytes is in the
>> current temp buffer.   The buffer is in unibyte mode.

> No good.  We are talking about process output that is accumulating in
> a buffer.  We can't just let everything trickle in in raw mode since
> the buffer may be interactive and so we need to have more or less
> accurate stuff at each point of time.

That's OK.  This assumption is not important.  You can do the decoding in
the process filter, or anywhere else.

>> 3 - call decode-coding-region with the appropriate coding system.
>> 4 - set the buffer to multibyte.

> The buffer comes into being incrementally.

There can be several buffers.  Remember in point 1 I said "temp buffer".
And I'm sue it can be all done within a multibyte buffer if necessary.

>> If the step number 2 is too slow, you can most likely implement a
>> CCL program that does it faster.

> Well, that was what I was asking about.  And how to let this CCL
> program run prefixed to the normal process output decoding program.

You can run a CCL program independently from any coding system.


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