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Re: Toggle view in gdba

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Toggle view in gdba
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 10:24:08 -0400
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>> > Actually I think it would be better not to use any of these
>> > keybindings.  Gud-watch doesn't have a keybindings and I've just
>> > remembered why: these commands are really GDB specific and don't work
>> > for "gdb -fullname", perldb, pdb etc. Once GDB-UI has been invoked
>> > these keybindings are set for all the other debugger modes. As recent
>> > discussion has shown, there are still problems with GDB-UI so I don't
>> > want to interfere with these other modes, particularly the original
>> > gdb mode.

I don't see where's the problem.  If you start GUD with "gdb --fullname"
and then another GUD with pdb, things will go wrong as well.  This should be
fixed, but it is orthogonal to the gdb-ui support.

>> Experimentally, I added new a argument LOCAL to gud-def and added line
>> (use-local-map (copy-keymap (current-local-map)))
>> to `gdb-ann3'.

This is ugly.  I'd rather just add the gdb-ui keybindings globally.


PS: I think what should happen is that gud should use a more traditional
keybinding scheme, where the keybindings are "static" (i.e. not changed when
you do M-x gdb) and the *commands* then check whether they're talking to
gdb, or pdb.

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