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Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32

From: Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Subject: Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:00:58 +0530


On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 14:46:42 +0200, Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> wrote:
> Notice that the server is built-in using make-network-process.
> As emacs doesn't support mail slots, you need to find an alternative.
> I recall a discussion on emacs-devel about adding mailslots support in
> make-network-process.  Try google for it.

For records, I had sent a mail regarding mail-slots. IMO, it uses very
low level (BIOS) communication and hence might be the reason for
bypassing firewall. The link the mail I sent is below:
 I have implemented a mail-slot server and a client in one of my
projects (to control profiling on remote computers). It seems very
striaght forward and simple. The MSDN has sample code which I just
hacked to get a client/server working with in 1hr to 2hr. So, it must
be trivial for the experienced folks here on emacs devel.

with best regards,

Proud FSF member: #1935

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