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Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 07:39:39 -0400
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> I don't think we need to do this for 21.4 -- as the fix is only used
> on (mostly) single user windoze.

I guess if it's only used on w32 and we only bind to, it'd
be acceptable.  But note that using a well-known port is a problem (we'd
need to get it registered, ...).  Better to let the OS choose the port and
then store it in a file that emacsclient can read.  At that point, adding
a secret random key to it isn't that much extra work.

> FYI- With a TCP socket, you can use (process-contact proc :remote) to
> get the ip address of the remote client; you can then compare that to
> the list of accepted addresses. [proc is the client process that is
> created when emacsserver accepts the connection from the client].

IP-address based security (which ws used by `xhost') is *bad*.
Don't go down that road.


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