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RE: $HOME default on w32

From: Jay Finger
Subject: RE: $HOME default on w32
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 19:40:49 -0700

I think that what you really want is to use SHGetFolderPath() to get the
path to the directory you want.


Probably the correct constant to use is CSIDL_PERSONAL, which is the user's
"My Documents" folder.

It is not safe to assume that these well-known folders are somewhere under
c:\documents and settings, or even under $USERPROFILE, as in a networked
environment they may get redirected to someplace so that users can have a
common store.

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> Subject: Re: $HOME default on w32
> >> And I dont think the dir is simply C:/Documents and Settings/<user>, it
> >> may be C:/Documents and Settings/Application Data/ or C:/Documents and
> >> Settings/Local Settings/Application Data/. I am not sure.
> > I think there is an environment variable that always points to the
> > right directory.
> It's USERPROFILE.  Read my original message.
>         Stefan
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