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Re: Small patches for Mac OS X

From: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
Subject: Re: Small patches for Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 19:40:34 +0900
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>>>>> On Tue, 07 Sep 2004 18:32:09 +0900, YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <address@hidden> 
>>>>> said:

>> The attached is a collection of small patches about the following
>> problems on Mac OS X.

> ... and more.

Yet once more.

  * "M-x fringe-mode RET" does not work.
  * Some fonts, notably "Hiragino", leave garbarge on cursor motion.

It also includes some internal changes for display.

                                     YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu

2004-11-01  YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu  <address@hidden>

        * Makefile.in (mac.o): Depend on blockinput.h and atimer.h.
        (macfns.o): Don't depend on ccl.h.

        * macfns.c (mac_frame_parm_handlers): Set handlers for
        Qleft_fringe and Qright_fringe.

        * macterm.c (mac_fill_rectangle_to_pixmap)
        (mac_draw_rectangle_to_pixmap, mac_copy_area_to_pixmap)
        (mac_copy_area_with_mask_to_pixmap, x_draw_image_foreground_1):
        Put in #if 0.
        (mac_scroll_area) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use ScrollWindowRect.
        (x_flush) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Don't traverse frames.
        (XFlush) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Define to an empty replacement.
        (x_draw_glyph_string_background, x_draw_glyph_string_foreground)
        [!MAC_OS8]: Don't use XDrawImageString.  Always draw background
        and foreground separately.
        (x_draw_image_foreground): Use clipping instead of computing the
        intersection rectangle.
        (x_draw_image_glyph_string): Don't draw an image with mask to a
        (x_redisplay_interface): Set flush_display_optional member to 0.

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