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Re: autoload failure

From: Tak Ota
Subject: Re: autoload failure
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 09:28:32 -0800 (PST)

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:39:36 +0100: Jason Rumney <address@hidden> wrote:

> Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
> > I suspect this is a Windows-specific problem, so I can't help you.
> > You could try debugging WHY it gets this error:
> >
> > "./../bin/emacs.exe" -batch --no-init-file --no-site-file --multibyte -l 
> > autoload \
> >         --eval '(setq find-file-hooks nil \
> >                 find-file-suppress-same-file-warnings t \
> >                 generated-autoload-file \
> >                   "/cygdrive/d/pub/emacs/emacs-21.3.50/lisp/loaddefs.el")' \
> >         -f batch-update-autoloads /cygdrive/d/pub/emacs/emacs-21.3.50/lisp 
> > calc calendar emacs-lisp emulation eshell gnus international language mail 
> > mh-e net obsolete play progmodes term textmodes toolbar url
> > Cannot open load file: autoload
> The path "/cygdrive/d/pub/emacs" is not valid on Windows. It is an
> indication that you are using Cygwin make, which the docs explicitly
> say to avoid for this reason.

You are right.  I am using cygwin make.  The reason is recent
suggestion by Guy Gascoigne.  Until recently I used to use mingw to
build emacs with MSYS tools.  It builds emacs but I encountered a
problem with "grep" package autoload.  Guy's suggestion is to use
cygwin environment since MSYS sh has some known problem.  That
automatically let me opt to use cygwin make.

What is the right way to build emacs with mingw now?


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