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GTK emacs (and access to GTK)

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: GTK emacs (and access to GTK)
Date: 02 Nov 2004 13:11:51 +0000

I started to use GTK emacs a few months ago... Life was a bit busy so
I forgot to say "the GTK port of Emacs is brilliant!"

So I'm going to say it now:

The GTK port of Emacs is brilliant.

Well done to everybody involved in hacking it.

A related question: what are the views about allowing Emacs to create
GTK objects directly? 

I know it is generally frowned upon to export native window system
primitives into Emacs but because GTK is a GNU lib maybe there could
be an exception. 

William Perry already wrote some code for XEmacs which could maybe
serve as a guide?


Nic Ferrier

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