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Re: New easymenu behavior

From: David Ponce
Subject: Re: New easymenu behavior
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 14:04:22 +0000
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> What does your code do that did not already break in Emacs 21.3?

recentf simply uses (easy-menu-add-item nil '("files") ...) to add the
recentf menu into the "File" menu which is identified with the 'files
key symbol. This worked well in 21.3 because the code just interned
"files" to get the key symbol.

> The new behavior is certainly no bug: it is entirely easymenu's
> choice what symbols to use for some menu, that's some internal
> decision.  I can't rule out, however, that maybe easy-menu-intern is
> used in more or less places than required, which could cause such
> mismatches.
> Can you go into details about the usage patterns that cause this
> problem?  If they do not have similar problems with Emacs-21.3
> already, there might be some bug.

In 21.4, before the last change to easy-menu-intern, that worked too
because the code interned the downcased strings in the menu path.

Now it fails because "files" returns the symbol 'Files as the key to
locate the menu item.

IMHO, the 21.3 version looks better because it doesn't change the
meaning of strings given to locate a menu item.  So it should be able
to locate "Greek" as a different menu item from "greek".

>>What about compatibility with existing code that uses easymenu?
> It should not be tampering with internals.  If your problem is not
> due to that, you should provide examples of what happens.

Notice that XEmacs directly use menu item names to locate them.  For
example you can use '("File") to locate the "File" menu in the menu
bar. Maybe is it a better mechanism to use in external libraries?


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