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RE: incrementor-decrementor commands and bindings (was: finger-pointercu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: incrementor-decrementor commands and bindings (was: finger-pointercurser as default for mouse-face text)
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 07:26:27 -0800

Good suggestion. And trivial to add, of course.

FYI, two details I didn't mention -

 1. Using the Meta modifier with the arrow keys and/or the mouse wheel
boosts the incrementation (step size), so change is faster.

 2. There are four variables representing (by default) the up & down arrow
keys and their Meta versions. You can change these variables to use, say,
keys `C-n' and `C-p' instead of up & down. Also, for a command (like
`doremi-frame-horizontally') to use the left & right arrows instead of up &
down, it can just bind the up & down variables to the left & right arrow
keys before calling `doremi'.

-----Original Message-----From: Stephan Stahl
> I decided to use just the four arrow keys (and/or the mouse-wheel) for
> such commands - easy to use and remember. To do that, I have a non-chord
> binding for each incrementor-decrementor command to "start it up"; then
> command itself reads the arrow keys and the mouse-wheel to do its job.

I really like this idea.  However i think the use of the arrowkeys /
mousewheel should be extended to maybe M-p, M-n.  Those keys should be
availible while not in minibuffer-mode and there they mirror the
behaviour of arrowkeys up / down.  I find it annoying to move the hand
off of the homerow.  Guess that's why i do not use things like C-x
<left> / <right> or <S-up>, <S-down>, <S-left>, <S-right> ....

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