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Problem with emacs -nw under OS X 10.3.5 using latest CVS

From: John Barnard
Subject: Problem with emacs -nw under OS X 10.3.5 using latest CVS
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 17:38:11 -0500

I'm seeing some odd behavior when running emacs in terminal mode (i.e., emacs -nw) built from the latest CVS (as of yesterday) under 10.3.5 and latest released dev. tools. Basically there's no output shown from any command, prompt is not responsive, and the process loads spikes to 100%. I used the make-package command to do the build with the --self-contained option (I've tried it without that option with no change). I found other builds using recent or latest CVS sources (http://homepage.mac.com/nand/emacsbuild/), and they suffer from the same problem. I'm not experiencing any problems in non-terminal mode. Builds based on earlier CVS sources don't exhibit the behavior -- at least builds from late 2003. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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