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Re: emacs crash

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: emacs crash
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 04:51:55 -0500

    Thanks for the tip.
    It worked for me, too.

This may have "worked" in the sense of making the crash stop for you,
but it did not "work" for helping us to fix the bug.  We need more
information to do that.

For instance, there is something really strange here:

    funcall_lambda(int -2128849612, int 1, int * 0x0082f980) line 2946 + 17 
    Ffuncall(int -2147483648, int * 0x0082f980) line 2814 + 12 bytes
    call1(int 556794192, int -2127346688) line 2547 + 11 bytes
    Fx_create_frame(int 0) line 4355

There is no call to Fx_create_frame in line 4355; in fact, line 4355
is far after the end of Fx_create_frame.  What's going on?  I need to
see where the call actually came from, and whether it was within

Can you examine the value 556794192 with xtype and see what sort of
Lisp object it is?  If it is a symbol, use xsymbol to see what its
name is.  See etc/DEBUG for more details on how to use these commands.

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