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From: Richard Stallman
Subject: y-or-n-p-with-timeout
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 10:19:13 -0500

    > Perhaps it has to do with y-or-n-p-with-timeout.
    > Can that operate with a dialog?  If so, it now won't work
    > correctly; the timeout will be ignored.  We could make
    > the timeout work once again using some other mechanism,
    > I guess.

    I think that is the case, there was a bug report on bug-gnu-emacs aut it 4
    days before the checkin,

That is enough evidence to convict anyone unless he works for Bush.

The question is whether to make y-or-n-p-with-timeout work correctly
or to declare it obsolete.  We could make it work using some other
timeout mechanism that can't run Lisp code.

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