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Re: how-many/count-matches for non-interactive use

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: how-many/count-matches for non-interactive use
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 22:37:06 -0500

    One question i have for you all is how best to get the result to you. 
    I would like to work against a checkout of the current CVS, and expect
    it'll be easy to find instructions for doing that checkout.  Should i
    just send the diff (along with a ChangeLog entry) for the converged 
    (and fixed) version to the list of addresses in this conversation?

Yes, that is the best way.

Also please send text for etc/NEWS describing any user-visible changes
that are worth mentioning.

    In the long run, i would like to become more active maintaining

Thank you, that will be useful.

            and wonder what the common practice is for applying changes to
    code that's part of the main distribution.  I welcome pointers to
    guidelines, etc.

If you do it only occasionally, you can mail your diffs, change logs,
and etc/NEWS text to address@hidden and ask someone to install
them.  If you do it often, we could give you write access to the

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