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Re: DJGPP only dumps with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE ??

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: DJGPP only dumps with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE ??
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 07:01:52 +0200

> Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 21:40:35 +0100
> From: "Jan D." <address@hidden>
> CC: address@hidden, address@hidden
> >>d:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: temacs: warning: .text: line number overflow: 0x11102 
> >>> 0xffff
> > 
> > 
> > This warning is harmless.  It is printed by ld because Emacs is
> > compiled with COFF debug info (the -gcoff option to GCC; I never got
> > to making unexec work for DJGPP with the DWARF-2 debug info), and COFF
> > debug info cannot have more than 64K source-line records, the
> > structures that tell the debugger what is the address of each source
> > line in the binary.
> > 
> > Are you saying that building with USE_LSB_TAG undefined does not
> > produce this warning?  That would be extremely strange, as I don't
> > think the build without USE_LSB_TAG can reduce the number of source
> > lines by 1103 hex (=4355 decimal) lines, which is the difference
> > between 0x11102 and 0xffff.
> Yes, this is the case.

Interesting.  Curiously enough, my builds (on Windows 98) cite a much
larger number:

  d:/usr/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: temacs: warning: .text: line number overflow: 
0x1128a > 0xffff

> Emacs fatal error: buffer.c:4944: assertion failed: XTYPE 
> (&buffer_defaults) == 0
> In gdb I see that &buffer_local_symbols which is what 
> Vbuffer_local_symbols uses, isn't aligned to an even 8 either.  These 
> are aligned to an even 4.  So DECL_ALIGN isn't working in this 
> configuration (?).  Sounds strange.

Could you write a short test program that demonstrates whether
DECL_ALIGN works, and see if it fails on XP?  (I could run it on my
machine to see if it works on 98, which I think it does.)  If
DECL_ALIGN doesn't work, we certainly cannot use LSB tags in the XP
build.  We could then make the test program part of config.bat to DTRT
at build time.

Please also upgrade to a newer GCC version (I use 3.3.3), in case
there's some alignment bug in your version.


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