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From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: url-ldap.el
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 16:03:08 -0600 (CST)

Could somebody familiar with url-ldap.el take a look at the following
compiler warning.   It looks real:

In url-ldap:
url-ldap.el:194:26:Warning: ldap-search-internal called with 7 arguments, but
    accepts only 1
url-ldap.el:193:100:Warning: ldap-search-internal called with 6 arguments, but
    accepts only 1

The function is indeed called twice with many arguments and:

(defun ldap-search-internal (search-plist)

Similar things are going on in sun-fns, but that one is in the
obsolete directory, so maybe it is not worth worrying about:

In mouse-set-mark:
sun-fns.el:88:8:Warning: function mouse-set-mark used to take 1 argument, now
    takes 3

In mouse-select-or-drag-move-point:
sun-fns.el:140:6:Warning: mouse-select-window called with 3 arguments, but
    accepts only 1

In mouse-select-window:
sun-fns.el:286:8:Warning: function mouse-select-window used to take 1
    argument, now takes 3

In mouse-delete-other-windows:
sun-fns.el:290:8:Warning: function mouse-delete-other-windows used to take 0
    arguments, now takes 3

In mouse-delete-window:
sun-fns.el:294:8:Warning: function mouse-delete-window used to take 1
    argument, now takes 3



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