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Re: Old versions of GNU Emacs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Old versions of GNU Emacs
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:43:33 -0500
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>> [My recollection is that RMS didn't use CVS for a very long time after
>> that though, so I suppose the CVS copy may not be authoritative for
>> older versions of 19.]
> All versions before the import to savannah were purely RCS based.

Actually, the move to CVS happened a bit before Savannah.  But yes, it was
during the development of Emacs-21.1 (I think it was before Emacs-20.7,

> But not all files were under RCS, for example the ChangeLogs were only
> version controlled by use of numbered backups, IIRC.


> I think the import to savannah has preserved the whole RCS history.

The move to CVS was done by moving the RCS files into the CVS repository.
They were then moved again when we moved to subversions.gnu.org (which
was later on accompagnied by the savannah front end).

Actually the checkin time of the ChangeLog files (i.e. 1999/09/30) is
a pretty good indicator of when the move took place:
Version 1.1. was created by Dave Love on 1999/09/30 and Gerd started to
commit things a few days later.


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