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RE: why does occur depropertize matching lines?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: why does occur depropertize matching lines?
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 17:51:56 -0800

        Occur now depropertizes the matching lines it copies to the
        occur buffer. Why?

    I think it was because some properties would cause trouble and
    confusion (such as keymaps, mouse face).

That makes sense.

It's too bad, however, if plain old faces (font-lock highlighting) can't be
preserved. As I said in my original email:

        Imagine several similar lines, some of which are commented out.
        I wager that with the depropertized occur buffer you will spend
        more time clicking and checking which line is which -- or at least
        spend more time checking for the ";" at the beginning of a line.
        If the highlighting is transferred to the occur buffer, you have a
        lot more visual feedback to go on.

Is there no (simple) way to distinguish plain highlighting text properties
from the other stuff?

I think this is a considerable setback wrt usability: it represents an
information loss for users. I don't know how much of the pb was program
"trouble" and how much was user "confusion", but I'm one user who would be
willing to trade, say, the confusion of some extra, ineffective mouse-face
highlighting for the benefit of informative syntactic highlighting. Such
highlighting is all the more helpful when lines have been taken out of
context (as in occur).

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