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Re: Chord bindings for prev-buffer and next-buffer?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Chord bindings for prev-buffer and next-buffer?
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 19:32:04 -0500
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>> However, the default bindings for these commands are `C-x <left>'
>> and `C-x <right>', which are not chords, so cannot be simply
>> pressed and held to cycle among buffers.

>> Can we find some available chord bindings and change these
>> defaults?

> If none are available, then I think that "C-x <left> C-x z z z z ..."
> is really not too bad.

I guess we could ideally allow:

  down-control x left left left left up-control

but that would require some changes to create and handle events for
the up-modifier and down-modifier events.

        Stefan "who used to have such a local hack where the above sequence
                was called [down-control C-x C-left C-left C-left C-up-control]
                tho now tat I think about it, it might have been better to
                call it [C-moddown C-x C-left C-left C-left C-modup] except
                that it would have made some sequences ambiguous such as
                [M-C-moddown M-C-foo M-C-modup] where it's not clear whether
                the moddown is because meta was already down and control got
                pressed, and it's similar unclear whether it's the meta or
                the control key that was released in the the modup."

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