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Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 15:14:46 +1300

 > But now that I look at the code a bit more closely, I think I see where I'm
 > suffering the most: it's in gdb-display-buffer.  Could you explain to me why
 > `display-buffer' is not doing what you want?

gdb-display-buffer was part of gdba.el. It did extra things like not replace
the window with the GUD buffer with new content. Perhaps display-buffer could
be used but now I make new gdb-related windows dedicated here

 > Also, would it be possible to introduce a variable to prevent displaying the
 > ASM code (when debugging C code, I prefer not to see anything than to be
 > shown a piece of assembly when I'm in the middle of some libc-internal
 > routine)?

Yes, I have thought that too. I'll put it on my TODO list.

 > Here is also a patch that might give a flavor of the direction I'd like to
 > go w.r.t buffer/window management.  Please commit the parts which seem to
 > work in your setup.  They help mine.

It doesn't seem to interfere with the setups that I'm thinking of, so I've
installed these changes. I don't really know what the change below does
but gdb-frame-breakpoints-buffer is one of a family of commands accessible
from the menubar (GUD->GDB Frames->...) so should these be changed also?

 > @@ -1199,9 +1199,8 @@
 >  (defun gdb-frame-breakpoints-buffer ()
 >    "Display status of user-settable breakpoints in a new frame."
 >    (interactive)
 > -  (select-frame (make-frame gdb-frame-parameters))
 > -  (switch-to-buffer (gdb-get-create-buffer 'gdb-breakpoints-buffer))
 > -  (set-window-dedicated-p (selected-window) t))
 > +  (let ((special-display-regexps (append special-display-regexps '(".*"))))
 > +    (pop-to-buffer (gdb-get-create-buffer 'gdb-breakpoints-buffer))))
 >  (defvar gdb-breakpoints-mode-map
 >    (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap))


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