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Re: New files url.texi and org.texi

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: New files url.texi and org.texi
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:00:49 -0600 (CST)

Dave Love wrote:

   I can't answer that, but the URL manual may not be in a sufficiently
   useful state to get installed -- as in installed for users, rather
   than in CVS.  It's a long time since I did anything with it, but if I
   remember correctly, it's mostly placeholders unless someone has worked
   on it since.

There are still plenty of placeholders and empty nodes.

   > Two @xref's to emacs-mime need to be replaced with @inforef's or we
   > get, in the hardcopy output:
   > See <undefined> [(emacs-mime)Top], page <undefined>.

   It shouldn't be replaced, according to my reading of the Texinfo
   manual; there clearly could be a printed copy of the MIME manual if
   there's one for URL.  I think the xrefs just need fixing.  I probably
   wrote them, and I suspect it wasn't clear how to fill in all the
   fields.  I suspect there were incompatible versions of emacs-mime.texi
   around at the time.

Are there _published_ printed versions of the MIME and URL manuals
available?  To me, @xref would suggest that there are.  The user can
always produce hardcopy _himself_ using texi2dvi.  (Which is one of
the reasons why we care about hardcopy even if there is no published
manual.)  As I see it, @inforef means that there is no published
manual, so we refer to the info file.  If the user has access to the
.texi file, he can then decide whether he wants to print it out.



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